Closed and controlled stem cell bioreactor

The Scinus Cell Expansion system is a closed, controlled cell culture device that lowers costs for labour, clean rooms and consumables, while added features enhance reliability of the cultured cell product. The system is GMP-compliant for clinical production of cell therapies.

Cell culture of multiple cell types

The Scinus Cell Expansion system uses microcarriers for the culture of adherent cell types. The wide variety of microcarriers available make sure that the process can be customized to accommodate any adherent cell type. These cell types include mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), fibroblasts, chondrocytes or pancreatic duct cells.

Large scale cell expansion system

The Scinus can achieve the full range of cell expansion, because it boasts a unique volume-expansion system. It is the only bioreactor that allows users to start their cell culture with a minimal volume, while also providing the large final volume required to achieve high cell numbers. The volume of the bag can be limited at the time of cell inoculation and then gradually increased to a total of over 1L as the cells grow and require more medium, resulting in a 20-fold surface area increase.

Optimal cell culture environment

The Scinus Cell Expansion system maintains an optimal culture environment with strict control of temperature, oxygen and pH levels. Oxygen and pH levels are measured by the sensors that are integrated in a single-use bioreactor bag. Transmitters are built into the rocking expansion platform and the generated data is wirelessly transmitted to the controller software of the cabinet. The controller software subsequently maintains the pre-defined culture environment by controlling the addition of several gasses (O2, N2 and CO2). A patented oxygenation system that is part of the Scinus’s perfusion loop ensures that set points are maintained within minimal bandwidths.

In a GMP-compliant, cost-effective bioreactor

The Scinus Cell Expansion system is developed to replace expensive and labour-intensive 2D culture procedures with a cheaper and easy-to-operate alternative. The system is especially suited for the (decentralized) production of GMP-grade cell therapy products. Using the Scinus Cell Expansion system results in drastic cost-reduction for GMP cell therapy production by saving on operator costs, clean room requirements and consumable expenditure.