Controlled culture environment

The Scinus Cell Expansion system offers a fully controlled culture environment. The single-use culture bag has integrated sensor technology that monitors the culture environment at the point of cell growth. Chemical optical sensors (PreSens) for oxygen and pH, combined with a patented oxygenation system, give users accurate control for optimal growth conditions, while temperature in controlled inside the cabinet.


Volume expansion without passage (over 10-fold)

The Scinus Cell Expansion system features a unique expansion platform. The volume of the single-use bioreactor bag can be adjusted from as little as 80 mL to approximately 1400 mL to accommodate a growing cell population. Cell culture can be initiated with a minimal number of cells and maintained until clinically relevant cell numbers are obtained.


Cell culture on microcarriers

The Scinus Cell Expansion system uses microcarrier-based expansion for adherent cell culture. Microcarriers offer distinct advantages

1.High surface/volume ratios. The efficiency of microcarriers maximizes the available surface area within the single-use bioreactor bag. Culture surfaces of over 4 m2 (43 ft2) are supported within one bag. This is equivalent to 250 standard T-175 culture flasks!

2.Bead-to-bead transfer. Cells can migrate to new microcarriers, eliminating the need to harvest and reseed. Culture minimal cell amounts all the way up to one billion without ever reseeding!

3.Flexibility. Choose the microcarrier with the perfect properties for your cell type.

4.Representative sampling. Take fully representative samples of your culture, without disturbing the process. Cells can be assessed for identity, potency and safety at any time during culture.


Closed cell culture bioreactor

The Scinus Cell Expansion system is a functionally closed system that eliminates risk of contamination from open procedures. The single-use bioreactor bag is part of a closed perfusion loop that includes containers for fresh medium, waste containers for spent medium and connections for sampling of medium and cells. Sterile welding maintains a closed environment for every operation during culture. In addition, sterile welding is also used to integrate the system in the complete production cycle, including upstream and downstream processes (USP/DSP).